WMC Kids Summer 2020

Week 1: Pentecost [June 8-13]

Watch this week’s story
Do this week’s activity!

Week 2: Peter heals a man in Jerusalem –Acts 3: 1-16 [June 14-20]

ACTIVITY: write a letter to somebody who needs encouragement. Email a picture or video of your letter to Madeline to be included in a special video.

HOLY-GHOST-FROM-A-POST CLUE: When someone is hurt, you could help clean them up and give them one of these.

Week 3: Stephen’s Story [June 21-28]

Don’t forget to send me photos and videos for the activity challenge! You’ll see your photo or video in Sunday School next week.

ACTIVITY: Read the story in Acts 6 + 7. Then, draw and write words of peace on stones/ rocks

HOLY-GHOST-FROM-A-POST CLUE: The Wise Man built his house upon this surface and it made it through the storm.

Week 4: Phillip and the Ethiopian Official [June 28 – July 5]

ACTIVITY: Read the story in Acts 8:4-25. Embark on a scavenger hunt! Find God’s treasure like the Ethiopian official did.

HOLY-GHOST-FROM-A-POST CLUE: Without this important liquid, we would not survive. It is also an important part of keeping clean and washing away sins in baptisms.

Week 5: Saul Sees the Light [July 5 – July 12]

Saul Sees the Light, 7/5/20

ACTIVITY: This week as you reflect on Saul’s story of being changed by God’s light, you can create a beautiful sun catcher to hang in your window. Take a look in your packet for the directions on how to make your own sun catcher. When you look at this in your window, it can remind you of God’s love for you just as God loved Saul.

HOLY-GHOST-FROM-A-POST CLUE – When it is dark, you would like to have one of these so that you don’t trip and fall.

Week 6: Dorcas [July 12 – July 19]

ACTIVITY: This week, you can practice the art of weaving just like Dorcas. Find the directions and supplies for “a simple weaving.” While you are weaving, take some time to think about what random act of kindness you could do for someone else.

HOLY-GHOST-FROM-A-POST Clue: Lots of clothing is stored in this place.

Week 7: Paul and Silas in Philippi [July 19 – July 26]

This week’s story comes from Kid’s Club on YouTube!

ACTIVITY: This week, we learned how Paul and Silas were put in chains and locked in jail because the Romans did not like what they were doing.  To help remember this story, use the strips of paper provided to put the story in order. First, cut the strips apart. Next, put the strips in order. Then use tape, glue or staples to make a paper chain with the strips. While working on the paper chain, sing songs just like Paul and Silas did while sitting in the jail.

HOLY-GHOST-FROM-A-POST CLUE: These items keep people in or out. They close off an area. Most rooms in your house have one of them on hinges.

Week 8: John, Follower of Jesus [July 26 – August 2]

ACTIVITY:While John was stuck on the island of Patmos as a punishment for following Jesus, an angel showed him visions. He needed to tell others about these visions, but he would be in danger if the Romans found out about it. So, he wrote about the visions in Revelations using a secret code. The early church understood the code, but the Roman officials did not. These visions or dreams describe the kingdom of God. This week, you can see if you can crack a secret code and receive a message from God.

HOLY-GHOST-FROM-A-POST CLUE: It is spring and new things are growing. These places can make your yard look beautiful and bring you joy.

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