June and July 2018

Conflict and Reconciliation

We believe there is much to be gained from re-examining both our own beliefs and habits toward conflict, as well as the biblical message of reconciliation in Jesus Christ. The structure for the content of this nine-Sunday series will be drawn from John Paul Lederach’s groundbreaking book Reconcile: Conflict Transformation for Ordinary Christians (Herald Press, ©2014). Our purpose in this series is to encourage us, as followers of Jesus, to engage more healthily in conflict and reduce conflict-avoiding behaviors as we seek to live into our calling to join Christ in the ministry of reconciliation.

In Lederach’s book, he draws from many biblical texts and stories, which we will also: Jacob and Esau; creation in Genesis; the Psalms; Jesus in Matthew 18 & 22; Acts 15; and Paul’s letters. In the series you will hear from all of the pastors, including Mariah Martin before Cindy Voth’s return. This series will run from August 26 through October 28, with two Sundays in the middle focusing instead on our Benin Bible Institute partnership.

Date Theme Preacher
August 26 Conflict, culture & race Malinda Berry
September 2 Turning toward the face of God: Jacob & Esau Neil Amstutz
September 9 The reconciliation arts: Jesus Mariah Martin
September 16 In the beginning was conflict: Creation Katie Misz
September 23 Where two or three meet: Matthew 18 Velma Swartz
October 14 Keep silent and listen: Acts 15 Cindy Voth
October 21 Reconciliation IS the Gospel: Paul’s letters Neil Amstutz
October 28 The Psalms: When we cry for help; space for truth, mercy, justice & peace Cindy Voth