Entering Lent:

“Blessed Hunger, Holy Feast”

Our theme for Lent and Easter this year highlights the recurrence of human emptiness in contrast to the fulfillment God longs to provide for us. Confession is usually a key element in the season of Lent, as part of owning our sinfulness and preparing ourselves for the victory given to us in Christ’s resurrection.

This year in Lent, confession will feature prominently, even as the high point in our services. By “confession” we mean both the confession of faith IN God and also confession TO God of the brokenness in our various relationships. In these Lenten services, we look forward to special forms of confession that will vary Sunday to Sunday. Worship planners have asked several individuals and groups to bring their own particular confessional responses, according to their own artistic gifts. Examples of these expressive responses include music, visual art, poetry, and physical movement. Because of these special expressions, preachers in Lent will shorten their messages to homilies.

A summary of themes and key participants appears in the table below.

Date Theme Preacher; Artistic Confessional
March 10 God’s hand delivers us Cindy Voth; Ruthie Saunders
March 17 God gathers us together in safe shelter Neil Amstutz; Karsten Hess
March 24 God pours out life-giving drink BCS Choir–no sermon;              Jama Brookmyer-Graber
March 31 God reaches out with open arms Neil Amstutz; WMC choir
April 7 God makes a way through mighty waters Katie Misz; Laurina Graber-Ditzler, Chrisa Graber Kauffman
April 14 Palm Sunday: God’s steadfast love endures forever Cindy Voth; JE Misz
April 21 Easter Sunday: Christ is risen, indeed!                                              (celebrated with the Lord’s Supper) Neil Amstutz; WMC choir