At the heart of Waterford Mennonite is worship. We gather every Sunday morning to worship with joy-filled sharing of gifts, wisdom and life experiences that represent the full diversity of the congregation, all to the glory of God. An intentional effort is made to blend worship and music styles, mixing hymns and choruses, instrumental and vocal, lively and contemplative. We value the God-given gifts of all ages and work diligently at their discernment, practice and growth. Drawing upon scriptural themes, we include visual arts, drama, and other art forms to further our praise of God in our worship services.

If you would like to be involved in worshiping with us at Waterford Mennonite Church come to one of our two services and become an active part of our community praising God.

Current Series

For Such a Time As This

On January 15 we will begin a new worship series as we continue to follow the Narrative Lectionary with assigned texts from the Gospel of Matthew. This series, January 15 – February 19, is a series based around ‘living.’ That is, living, truly living, as journeying people in the way God wants for us.

We will draw from the resource created in Scotland called “Spill the Beans” which describes the series this way:

“This series is a time to reflect on our own homes and all the things we live ‘in’: houses small and large, the solid, stable, (generally) immovable constructs around us. It is time to reflect on what we live ‘with’: furniture and living equipment and gadgets. It is time to reflect on what we live ‘for’: perhaps our families and/or our aspirations. Some of which will give us joy and some of which will disappoint. This season also gives us a chance to think about what we live ‘by’: perhaps long held traditions that positively ground our existence or traditions that tie us down to a way that we should have given up long ago. God intends not for us to be settled people fortifying our lives with brick walls and impenetrable doors but to be journeying people, nomads in a world that is going somewhere good, whatever the news tells you.”





Special Elements


Living in Freedom –
Matthew 3:1-17

Sharing from Congregational Members; 

Commissioning new Stephen Ministers


“Spread Love”

Goshen College Parables



Living in Righteousness – Matthew 5:1-10

Deron Bergstresser



Living by Practice –
Matthew 6:7-21, 25-35

Rod Hollinger-Janzen

“Everybody’s Christmas Pageant”


Living in the Now –
Matthew 14:13-33

Rachel Ringenberg Miller – MCUSA Denominational Minister;

Hosting Bethany Concert Choir


Living in Denial –
Matthew 16:24-7:8

Cindy Voth





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