At the heart of Waterford Mennonite is worship. We gather every Sunday morning to worship with joy-filled sharing of gifts, wisdom and life experiences that represent the full diversity of the congregation, all to the glory of God. An intentional effort is made to blend worship and music styles, mixing hymns and choruses, instrumental and vocal, lively and contemplative. We value the God-given gifts of all ages and work diligently at their discernment, practice and growth. Drawing upon scriptural themes, we include visual arts, drama, and other art forms to further our praise of God in our worship services.

If you would like to be involved in worshiping with us at Waterford Mennonite Church come to one of our two services and become an active part of our community praising God.

Current Series

But Jesus…Walking in the footsteps of a subversive Savior

In October and November, our worship services will include a seven-Sunday series called “But Jesus … Walking in the footsteps of a subversive Savior.” In it, we will examine many ways that Jesus did unpredictable and unexpected things, even things others of his day called “inappropriate.”

In a time swirling with the pressures we feel from COVID-19, a national election, effects of climate change and racial injustices, what does it mean for us to walk in the footsteps of Jesus? Over and over in the Gospels, when circumstances would suggest Jesus should do a certain thing, he does something entirely different. So we will ponder the implications of following a Savior such as Jesus, in difficult and unpredictable times.

The following list describes the theme of each Sunday (naming the subversive action of Jesus), as well as preacher and other special elements in worship:

Oct. 4:      Embracing         Luke 5:12-16           Neil Amstutz     
     World Communion Sunday
Oct. 11:    Rebuking            Luke 9:51-56           Cindy Voth       
      Journey Program blessing for Ursula Hess/Mary Hochstedler
Oct. 18:    Bending             John 8:2-11              Katie Misz
Oct. 25:    Having not         Luke 9:57-62           Neil Amstutz     
     Special MCC Centennial offering
Nov. 1:     Lingering            Luke 2:41-50           Terry Zehr         
     All Saints Sunday; God’s Work Among Us – Stephen Ministries
Nov. 8:     Staying silent      Mark 14:60-62         Cindy Voth  
Nov. 15:   Answering           Luke 4:1-13             Neil Amstutz   

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