At the heart of Waterford Mennonite is worship. We gather every Sunday morning to worship with joy-filled sharing of gifts, wisdom and life experiences that represent the full diversity of the congregation, all to the glory of God. An intentional effort is made to blend worship and music styles, mixing hymns and choruses, instrumental and vocal, lively and contemplative. We value the God-given gifts of all ages and work diligently at their discernment, practice and growth. Drawing upon scriptural themes, we include visual arts, drama, and other art forms to further our praise of God in our worship services.

If you would like to be involved in worshiping with us at Waterford Mennonite Church come to one of our two services and become an active part of our community praising God.

Current Series

Consider the Birds

Which of the following birds is NOT mentioned in the Bible?
A) The vulture; B) The crow; C) The bittern; D) The ostrich; or E) The dove
You will find at least partial answers to this question in our six-Sunday worship series on birds of the Bible, being offered from June 9 through July 28, with 2 Sundays off on other themes during that time. Our fellow BBI friends at St. Jacobs Mennonite Church in Ontario put us onto this idea for an interesting summer worship series. They drew especially from a book by Debbie Blue entitled Consider the Birds: A Provocative Guide to Birds of the Bible (Abingdon, 2013). The series was well-received in their congregation, not merely for information about birds in Bible times, but for spiritual lessons that could be learned from the nature of each bird and how or why it is mentioned in the Bible.
For our purposes this summer, we will not only be drawing from the Debbie Blue book, but also from another 2013 book by Sally Roth, called An Eye on the Sparrow: The Bird Lover’s Bible (Happy Crab Publishing). We will by no means cover all the named birds in the Bible in this series, but we hope it piques your interest in biblical ornithology. After the series completion, these two books will be donated to the church library.

We will supplement our series with some visual and auditory helps:
• Waterford member and artist Mark Daniels will, later in our worship services, be adding to a painting he has begun, which is inspired by biblical birds
• Since there are many birds we see today in Indiana which were not in Bible lands 2000 years ago, Mark will also have a display of some of his own painted prints of common local birds in the foyer
• We have a few bird feeders in the Remembering LIFE Garden, so that you might see real-life birds just outside the sanctuary windows.
• Within our “indoor sanctuary” we plan to have some recorded sounds of bird calls which you might hear if you were walking in Waterford’s “outdoor sanctuary” in the wetlands.

Date Bird Preacher
June 9 The Sparrow Neil Amstutz
June 16 The Vulture Loanne Harms
June 30 The Raven Neil Amstutz
July 14 The Dove/Pigeon Madeline Smith Kauffman
July 21 The Ostrich Cindy Voth
July 28 The Quail/Partridge Neil Amstutz



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